london family photographer


I am a Family, Kids and Wedding photographer in London. 

I create  authentic, emotional stories about people who love each other. 

All my sessions are done in a natural setting.  I get to meet you, share an experience with you and through images tell about who you are.  I want photograph you and your loved ones the way you are when you are most comfortable.  I will not pose your rigidly but gently guide you so that you not only look beautiful, but relaxed and comfortable.   I love to make my clients feel at ease and cared about so that we can create magical images that show you at your best.  Because magic is what you deserve! 


I believe in the importance of documenting love. Our happiness and sense of fulfilment is linked to memory.  Memory is linked to time, that passes so quickly that it is essential to pay attention to ways in which we express affection.  Images I create contribute to our memory and our happiness.  


Drop me a line here or book a session here.  I look forward to meeting you and learning about your story! 


My work has been featured on international blogs such as OnceWed, Magnolia Rouge, Rock My Wedding, White Magazine, Hochzeitsguide and others. I have photographed for Vogue España, Conde Nast's Bon Appetit Magazine, MINI Magazine and other print publications.